It all started in 2012...

When suddenly we were on our own. Our mother was always a very strong woman. Out of necessity, her hands were in multiple baskets to make ends meet. The way that our mother struggled through life to make ours slightly better, it empowered us. It gave us, as sister's, the drive to continue her climb, and help those in need. Being the two oldest children, we had to figure out where our lives were going. Glitz was already a definite, Chanel always knew what she wanted to do; the Glamour half was always a struggle. Although Apolonia always seemed confident and sure of herself, she never knew where she was headed in life. Like most women, feeling confident in our own skin can be a daily challenge. Because of that, Apolonia turned to makeup and fashion, and used it as her war paint. With this, the sister's realized that most women struggle with the same challenge. Together, the GvG sister's would make it their jobs to empower women by providing the Glitz and Glamour needed to give women the confidence to conquer the world.

"Our goal is to make every woman feel confident enough to tackle any obstacle in their way." 

            -Glitz Vs. Glamour